Best Baking Kitchens

By Warner Cabinets,

Tis the season for holiday cookies…which means weekends full of baking! So we thought we’d outline our favorite amenities for the best baking kitchen.

1. We can’t think of anything more useful to a baker than counter space…especially during the holidays! A lot of countertop space is crucial when it comes to baking multiple types of cookies. Whether for cooling cookies, rolling out dough, or frosting the finished product quartz countertops are a great option. They are nonporous, stain resistant, and resist heat. Warner Cabinets has a large selection of Cambria and VicoStone quartz countertops in our Warner Collection program that are both affordable and beautiful.  Quartz countertops were also on our list of top Thanksgiving kitchens, so it is pretty safe to say they are an all around good pick for a kitchen.  The Warner kitchen below is a remodel in St. Charles, Illinois and includes an extra long and wide island, plus counter space surrounding the kitchen, providing more than ample space.

St. Charles Kitchen Remodel2. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a double oven. With multiple recipes all cooking at different temperatures and times, having two separate ovens can speed up the process.  This too was part of our previous blog.

3. In Barrington we recently designed for two dishwashers in our client’s kitchen.  With so many mixing bowls, pans, and utensils constantly in use having two dishwashers to rotate cycles means that you can focus your time on the finishing touches of the cookies…or simply relax and marvel at your work.  Below is a fully integrated dishwasher for a Warner client in Naperville.

Integrated Dishwasher Cabinet

4. Another feature of our St. Charles kitchen remodel was an appliance garage with a pull out tray, perfect for a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Often times our clients have these tucked into a lower cabinet, but with the weight of the appliance it requires a lot of physical work to bring it to countertop height.  Our solution is this custom pull out tray.

Pull Out Mixer Stand

5. Our last kitchen amenity for the perfect baking kitchen is a pull out utensil caddy.  This Hinsdale remodel features not only a caddy but also a separate cabinet behind it for divided pan storage.  Both of these cabinets make organizing a breeze.    Custom Pull Out Utensil Cabinets


Cheers to holiday baking!  If you find your current kitchen lacking this holiday season, contact one of our designers to reconfigure your space and maximize your baking efficiency for next year.


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