Midcentury Modern Cabinets

By Warner Cabinets,

Midcentury Modern has taken mainstage when it comes to home design and decor.  While other styles are still widely used, including craftsman and farmhouse, retailers are stocking their shelves with MCM pieces.  Characterized by clean lines and natural hues, MCM is a retro style dating back to the 1950’s (thus the “mid-century.”)  We are seeing more and more client requests for MCM style cabinets and really enjoy working with this design style.

In a recent Naperville, Illinois custom home, Warner Cabinets installed teak-looking cabinetry throughout the master suite.  The entertainment center, bathroom shelving, and floating vanity all have clean lines and a natural hue.  Floating vanities, where there is no floor support for the vanity, are also trending in cabinetry right now.  They make cleaning under the cabinets easier and offer a contemporary look.

floating vanity midcentury modern style

contemporary midcentury shelves

In this same Naperville home, the kitchen had sleek kitchen and bar cabinets without any inlays or door features.  The faces were flat and the cabinet hardware was linear.  The kitchen island featured a waterfall edge where the countertop “flowed” over the edge of the cabinets onto the floor.  Again, a very linear look with straigt lines.  The overall design is stunning and unique.

midcentury kitchen bar

waterfall edge countertop

Warner Cabinets can help you complete your MCM design with custom cabinetry throughout your home.  For more design ideas, we liked this HGTV article about Midcentury Modern kitchens.  Contact us today to learn more.

Best Baking Kitchens

By Warner Cabinets,

Tis the season for holiday cookies…which means weekends full of baking! So we thought we’d outline our favorite amenities for the best baking kitchen.

1. We can’t think of anything more useful to a baker than counter space…especially during the holidays! A lot of countertop space is crucial when it comes to baking multiple types of cookies. Whether for cooling cookies, rolling out dough, or frosting the finished product quartz countertops are a great option. They are nonporous, stain resistant, and resist heat. Warner Cabinets has a large selection of Cambria and VicoStone quartz countertops in our Warner Collection program that are both affordable and beautiful.  Quartz countertops were also on our list of top Thanksgiving kitchens, so it is pretty safe to say they are an all around good pick for a kitchen.  The Warner kitchen below is a remodel in St. Charles, Illinois and includes an extra long and wide island, plus counter space surrounding the kitchen, providing more than ample space.

St. Charles Kitchen Remodel2. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a double oven. With multiple recipes all cooking at different temperatures and times, having two separate ovens can speed up the process.  This too was part of our previous blog.

3. In Barrington we recently designed for two dishwashers in our client’s kitchen.  With so many mixing bowls, pans, and utensils constantly in use having two dishwashers to rotate cycles means that you can focus your time on the finishing touches of the cookies…or simply relax and marvel at your work.  Below is a fully integrated dishwasher for a Warner client in Naperville.

Integrated Dishwasher Cabinet

4. Another feature of our St. Charles kitchen remodel was an appliance garage with a pull out tray, perfect for a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Often times our clients have these tucked into a lower cabinet, but with the weight of the appliance it requires a lot of physical work to bring it to countertop height.  Our solution is this custom pull out tray.

Pull Out Mixer Stand

5. Our last kitchen amenity for the perfect baking kitchen is a pull out utensil caddy.  This Hinsdale remodel features not only a caddy but also a separate cabinet behind it for divided pan storage.  Both of these cabinets make organizing a breeze.    Custom Pull Out Utensil Cabinets


Cheers to holiday baking!  If you find your current kitchen lacking this holiday season, contact one of our designers to reconfigure your space and maximize your baking efficiency for next year.


Top 5 Kitchen Amenities That Every Thanksgiving Host Should Have

By Warner Cabinets,

Tomorrow is the big day!  Time to break out the “eating pants” for the annual turkey feast.  As a cabinet company we are always designing our kitchens for cooking and entertaining, but on days like tomorrow, this train of thought is even more important.  With so many side dishes to cook, all at different temperatures and times, plus all the extra people in the kitchen, a well thought out design full of kitchen amenities is essential for the ultimate Thanksgiving Host.  Our lead designer, Jacki Finstrom, broke her top 5 kitchen amenities that every Thanksgiving host should have:

  1. A double oven is at the top of the list for the mere fact of the number of side dishes families usually prepare for Thanksgiving.  Most parties usually enjoy approximately 4 sides including traditional mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and stuffing at minimum. A single oven would be hard pressed to hold all four dishes, let alone cook them at the right temperature and timing.  While some Warner clients throughout Chicago appreciate the look of a range double oven, other clients like the stacked application as it is more conducive to lifting heavy dishes.  If clients don’t have a preference, Jacki chooses an option that will best fit the space and layout.TV Cabinet in Kitchen
  2. Warming drawers are usually a luxury in kitchens, but for those clients of Warner who host a lot…or for the sake of Thanksgiving alone, warming drawers become a necessity.  These can be integrated within the cabinetry so that a seamless look can be obtained.  One of Jacki’s favorite is this Wolf 30″ warming drawer which comes with multiple removable interior pans, is one of the most spacious options on the market currently, and provides great airflow to keep food moist during warming.Wolf Warming Drawer
  3. To keep all your serving ware within reach, Jacki usually incorporates roll out trays with dividers in her cabinet designs.  These are great year round as they allow for better organization and more storage of pans and platters.  Dividers make dishes easier to grab as compared to when they are nested together.  Here is an example of a different type of roll out trays.  Rather than having a divider, these are stacked with full extension roll outs.  This amenity was installed in a Warner Cabinets kitchen in Hinsdale.  Custom Pull Out Shelves
  4. To relieve any additional stress, Thanksgiving hosts should consider stain-resistant quartz countertops.  Whether it be wine, gravy, or coffee, quartz can withhold the toughest stains which means hosts can truly enjoy their company and not worry about quick clean ups.  Here is a quartz countertop with a waterfall edge we completed in Naperville. 
  5. The last kitchen amenity Jacki suggests is a beverage center on the outskirts of the kitchen.  Sometimes these are located in between the dining room and the kitchen, while others like it designed within their open floor plan leading to the living room.  Regardless, Warner clients can select from integrated refrigerator drawers, wine chillers, and ice makers, along with cabinetry for a variety of glasses.  This feature allows for guests to help themselves to cocktails and beverages throughout the day!  Here is a beverage center we did in Naperville that has an integrated wine chiller and ice maker.  There is plenty of room for storage as well as display.   Warner Cabinets Beverage Center

In closing, Warner Cabinets would like thank all their clients throughout the Chicagoland area for choosing us to design cabinetry for your kitchen, bath, bar, mudroom, or office this year.  We have been blessed with great clients and amazing projects.   Have a very Happy Thanksgiving…enjoy this time with family, friends, and good food!

Shoe Storage Solutions

By Warner Cabinets,

This morning Houzz featured an article highlighting unique shoe storage ideas.  Solutions range from walls of traditional shoe cubbies, to deep pullout drawers/doors that are conveniently hidden in a beautiful headboard surround, as shown below.

Toronto Cabbagetown Home


From mudrooms to closets, shoe storage is always at the top of the Warner client request list. When designing storage in shelving applications, we find that making shelves just deep enough to fit one pair of shoes is ideal, otherwise it becomes hard to sort through the rows of shoes.  If there is room for two rows deep of shoes, we typically suggest shallow pull out drawers which make it easy to see all of the shoes.  Often times this type of pull out drawer is associated with kitchens, but works great in this application.

Almost all of our custom mudroom cabinetry includes shoe storage in the form of “under bench cubbies.”  The benefits of this shoe storage solution is that space is plentiful and each family member’s shoes are sorted in their individual cubbies.  Some Warner clients don’t prefer this method as much since shoes get jumbled together and it can be hard to find the other half of a pair.

In our most recent Barrington build, we utilized an empty wall off the garage entry for shoe cubbies.  The placement of it on an exposed brick wall makes it eye-catching, as well as functional.  In this Warner design the cubbies were built to house one single pair of shoes with an adjoining bench next to it.  In comparison to “under bench cubbies,” this can provide for a cleaner look.

Mudroom Shoe Cubbies

The below image is from our St. Charles kitchen remodel, where we also completed a mudroom/storage component.  Under this bench are four shoe compartments.  This design allows for more organization with multiple shelves.  The doors on either side of the mudroom built in have adjustable shelves for additional shoe storage.

Mud room shoe storage

For personalized shoe storage solutions throughout your home, whether in the mudroom or a closet, contact Warner Cabinets.  Our cabinets are handmade locally so that we can truly customize the cabinet to fit our client’s needs.

Naperville Kitchen Remodel Offers Many Benefits

By Warner Cabinets,

Our most recent kitchen remodel, located in Naperville, is such a great project to showcase the multiple benefits of a renovation.  Like most people, our client’s initial motive for the renovation was aesthetic.  The dated cabinets no longer fit the style of the homeowner.  The door style and cabinet color were reminiscent of a 1990’s kitchen.

Naperville Kitchen Before Remodel


Upon meeting with a Warner Cabinets designer, the client quickly realized a new cabinet layout would provide for more storage and improved functionality, especially while entertaining.  In this home there was a framed entry into the dining room from the kitchen.  Approximately one foot further was the opening to the foyer hallway.  With some minor demolition and drywall, the initial dining room entry could be eliminated and traffic could flow through the hall instead.  This minor change, which didn’t include moving any appliances or utilities, would make way for approximately 5 feet of extra cabinetry.

This comparison image shows the before and after of the additional cabinetry.  Everything to the right of the microwave drawer was new space to utilize.


Another benefit of the kitchen renovation was the incorporation of specialty cabinets that increased storage and organization.  A Super Susan was added to both corners.  Not only does a Super Susan not include a center pole, maximizing space, each tray has the ability to rotate separately because of the lack of pole.   A utensil caddy was added to a pull out cabinet next to the stove and a divided, roll out drawer makes storing casserole dishes and pans easy and efficient.  Just adjacent to the kitchen, in the hall leading to the garage, a shallow cabinet with electricity was added for charging phones, sorting mail, and organizing keys.

Naperville Kitchen Remodel

While this kitchen remodel started as an update to the overall look, the benefits quickly became more storage, better efficiency in space design, and upgraded cabinet amenities.  To start your kitchen remodel, contact Warner Cabinets for an in-home consultation and measurement.

Mom’s Office Now Trending

By Warner Cabinets,

We’ve seen a new trend in both residential new construction and remodel lately which we’ve come to refer to as “Mom’s Office.”  These custom desks and cabinets are either given a home of their own in a room off the kitchen or are tucked into a corner of the mudroom itself.  They are the perfect place for busy moms to pay bills, file mail, or simply organize the family.  This Mom’s Office is just off the mudroom tucked into it’s own nook.  It features upper and lower cabinets of various shapes and amenities for storage and display.

Corner Office Home

Decades past have shown “mom’s” desks within kitchens, and while Warner Cabinets continues to integrate these into our projects, we’ve seen an uptick in the Mom’s Office.  Often times a kitchen desk becomes cluttered fast and can take away from the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.  Rather than being functional, a kitchen desk can become a drop zone for papers and electronics, including their bulky charging stations.  We can’t argue the convenience of a kitchen desk seeing as how life usually happens in the kitchen, so Warner Cabinets has come up with creative ways to mask the clutter.

Warner Cabinets kitchen deskIn a recent Hinsdale remodel, Warner Cabinets created a desk with pull up doors off the quartz countertop.  This feature allows for deeper countertops where items can stay hidden behind the doors, but still readily accessible.  These areas are also outfitted with various electrical outlets for charging devices while hiding cords.  Another feature of this kitchen desk in our Hinsdale remodel are the filing cabinet drawers.  Two drawers provide for ample filing of mail, bills, and school work.

Our designers created two Houzz ideabooks, one for kitchen desks and another for Mom’s Offices in their own area of the home.  Check them out for some more inspiration!

Warner Cabinets completes St. Charles Kitchen Remodel

By Warner Cabinets,

Recently Warner Cabinets custom made cabinets for a St. Charles kitchen remodel.  The homeowner expanded their current kitchen by tearing down the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, which resulted in more room for seating and food preparations. (more…)

Custom Home Bars Perfect for Football Season

By Warner Cabinets,

Tonight marks the return of Football Night in America with the opening game of the NFL season. It also marks the return of indoor entertaining! As the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, parties are brought inside where friends and family gather to cheer on their favorite team. In home bars are ideal for football parties, as they allow people to watch the game, eat, and drink all at the same time. (more…)

Colorful Cabinets Marking its Territory

By Warner Cabinets,

Colorful cabinets are back! Just like many other design trends which continually cycle through the decades, colorful cabinets has made it’s way back to homeowners…and we couldn’t be more excited! As a fully custom cabinet designer and manufacturer, there aren’t many limitations to what we can build for our clients. Whether that be door style, size, or color, we are able to make their cabinet dreams, a reality. (more…)

Warner Cabinets Sugar Grove Grand Opening Event

By Warner Cabinets,

Sugar Grove Cabinet Showroom Grand Opening

This weekend our Sugar Grove location will be hosting our Grand Opening event. Friday and Saturday from 9am to 4pm, stop by to tour our brand new showroom! Plus enter into raffles, take advantage of cabinet discounts, and enjoy complimentary food. (more…)