Midcentury Modern Cabinets

By Warner Cabinets,

Midcentury Modern has taken mainstage when it comes to home design and decor.  While other styles are still widely used, including craftsman and farmhouse, retailers are stocking their shelves with MCM pieces.  Characterized by clean lines and natural hues, MCM is a retro style dating back to the 1950’s (thus the “mid-century.”)  We are seeing more and more client requests for MCM style cabinets and really enjoy working with this design style.

In a recent Naperville, Illinois custom home, Warner Cabinets installed teak-looking cabinetry throughout the master suite.  The entertainment center, bathroom shelving, and floating vanity all have clean lines and a natural hue.  Floating vanities, where there is no floor support for the vanity, are also trending in cabinetry right now.  They make cleaning under the cabinets easier and offer a contemporary look.

floating vanity midcentury modern style

contemporary midcentury shelves

In this same Naperville home, the kitchen had sleek kitchen and bar cabinets without any inlays or door features.  The faces were flat and the cabinet hardware was linear.  The kitchen island featured a waterfall edge where the countertop “flowed” over the edge of the cabinets onto the floor.  Again, a very linear look with straigt lines.  The overall design is stunning and unique.

midcentury kitchen bar

waterfall edge countertop

Warner Cabinets can help you complete your MCM design with custom cabinetry throughout your home.  For more design ideas, we liked this HGTV article about Midcentury Modern kitchens.  Contact us today to learn more.

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